Welcome to the American Russian Martial Art Institute.  We are glad that you have found our site and hope that you will find information here that helps you discover the wealth of benefits the Russian Martial Art has to offer. In the menu bar above you will find information about the services we offer, and information on what makes the Russian Martial Art unique compared to other martial art experiences.

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You are also welcome to visit one of our regular Russian Martial Art classes and observe or participate for the first time for free.  We feel it’s important to give someone the opportunity to experience one of our classes with hands-on training for themselves before any commitment needs to be made.  We always look forward to having new students and encourage on-site visits; however, it would be beneficial for you to contact the instructor before a visit.  This will allow the instructor the opportunity to answer any questions you may have before hand and allow for the arrangement of any additional time before or after class to talk with you on an individual basis if needed.  All of the students, instructors, and potential students benefit from good planning and time management.

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