It is often remarked that the Russian Martial Art is so unlike many of the other martial arts. Some students have even referred to it as the “anti-martial art”. We believe it IS significantly different than most other martial arts.

The main difference is that it is based on concepts and the need for survival, not techniques. Yes, you can learn certain moves or techniques but they ultimately come from having a solid knowledge base of the Russian Martial Art concepts and not just rote memorization of movements. The Russian Martial Art’s roots are in thinking, adapting, and surviving.

In this section of the site we have information on:

What Russian Martial Art is and is not, in “The Art” section.
Skills You Can Learn, in the “Skills” section.
The four main concepts the art is based on, in the "Core Concepts” section.
Information on some of the health benefits, in the “Health” section.