Core Concepts

There are four concepts that make up the foundation of Russian Martial Art:
    • Always Breathe
    • Always Relax
    • Always Move
    • Maintain Posture

1. Always Breathe.  If you do not breathe, your oxygen levels cannot keep up with the energy you are using, therefore you get tired.  You must breathe in order to supply the body with what it needs.  Breathing properly also has many other essential benefits.  First, by breathing properly a person is better able to remain calm.  Second, it helps a person overcome fear.  Third, breathing properly helps the body remain or become relaxed and free of tension. 

Think about it for a moment.  When someone is startled or scared they have a tendency to hold their breath.  This is extremely detrimental to the entire body.  Not only does the body not get the oxygen it needs, but if you notice people will usually tighten up their muscles and not be able to think as clearly and they often move with jerky movements.  Russian Martial Art strongly emphasizes breathing because the simple act of breathing affects several other parts of the body and even the thinking process. 

2.  Always Relax.  Relaxation is one of the tools built into Russian Martial Art that can aid you in the ability to defend yourself against single or multiple opponents.  If you get tense and your muscles and mind are not relaxed, you can get tunnel vision and become focused on one thing.  Fear can take over.  Then you don’t see all around you and it becomes more difficult for you to think.  Additionally, tense muscles are much harder to move than relaxed muscles.  If the muscles remain relaxed they are much easier to move, they will have a more fluid movement and greater speed.  In addition to the movement relaxation allows you to attain, there is also the benefit of you sustaining less injury to yourself if your muscles are relaxed.  For example, if you do get hit the impact is not as traumatic.  When your muscles are relaxed they are better able to absorb the impact of a hit or kick and there is a much better chance that the body will “give” and move out of the way as compared to a tense body that takes the full impact of a strike. 

3. Always Move.   A moving target is hard to hit.  The opponent has a much harder time keeping up with you physically or psychologically if you are moving.  If you are breathing properly and relaxed, free flowing movement becomes much easier.  Once you have the ability to move and move freely your chances of surviving an attack increase.  You will be able to deliver more strikes to your opponent and, because of the nature of the movements taught in Russian Martial Art, the opponent is less likely to see them coming.  Being able to move is also a powerful tool if you are attacked by multiple opponents. 

4. Maintain posture.  We teach you to break your opponent’s structure and rotate their spine.  Therefore, we do not break our own structure by bending, leaning, or twisting.  If you bend, lean, or twist you are getting your own spine out of alignment.  This could make it much easier for an opponent to use that weakness against you.  If you maintain your posture and alignment, your opponent will find it much more difficult to defeat you. 

The definitions explained here are not, nor intended to be a complete explanation of the core concepts of the Russian Martial Art.  This is just a brief overview of what the foundations of the art are so that you can be somewhat familiar with how it functions.  Each of these concepts can and, in some cases, have had entire books written about them.  They are highlighted here because they are what make up the core of the Russian Martial Art.  By attending classes you will have a much better understanding of each of the concepts individually, how they function together and support each other, in order to form a solid foundation for a remarkable self-defense and fighting system.