Here are links to some sites, articles, and videos we recommend:

Vladimir Vasiliev

Vladimir Vasiliev is the Director and Chief Instructor of the Toronto School of Russian Martial Art. His website contains an abundance of information on Systema. There are several excerpts from videos available and under "in the Media" there are a large array of articles to read.

Kevin Secours


  • Fear
  • Russian Systema's Flow Training: A Progressive Alternative to Stimulus Response Training
  • Form, Flinch, Flow
  • A Brief History of Russian Martial Arts
  • Systema: Principles of the Russian Martial Art
  • Interview with Vladimir Vasliev

Federation of Russian Martial Art-American Annex to the Russian Federation of Russian Martial Art (ROSS)


  • Falling With Freedom
  • Applying ROSS Principle of Yielding

Go Warrior

Video on the history of Russian Martial Art, produced by CTV Travel