Leave any ego or attitude at the door.  We are here to learn, not judge others or compete.

Use extreme care when working with others.  Since this is hands-on training you must always be aware of your actions.  We do not want anyone to get hurt.

Class starts promptly on time.  Please notify the instructor if you are going to be late or if for any reason you are not attending a class.  This is simply a courtesy we request so the instructor can estimate how many students will be attending to better tailor the class activities to the class size.  You can leave a voicemail or text message at the cell number.

Please notify the instructor of any physical limitations, illness, or injury you may have.  This is simply to help ensure that during training any pre-existing conditions are not made worse.  Additionally, the instructor may be able to modify the training for you to work around any of these conditions.

Under no circumstances can you attend class if you are under the influence of any illegal drugs or alcohol.

Clothing should be comfortable and modest.

Please be aware of personal hygiene.  Remember you are working hand-to-hand with others.

Please remove shoes before entering the training area.

No profane language usage is allowed.

Anyone between the ages of 14-17 wanting to attend classes must have a parent or guardian consult with the instructor first. Also, the parent or guardian must remain in the building and supervise during the class.