MMA Cage and Ring Fighting

Coming in the fall/winter 2015, if there are enough people to form a class. Please text if you would be interested in this class!

Applying the Russian Fighting System to MMA Cage and Ring Fighting

Learn some of the Russian fighting concepts, including the scientific and psychological aspects of the fighting system. In real hand-to-hand combat you are not usually fighting a man your same size or weight. Therefore, the Russian system teaches a way to defeat someone larger or stronger than you. A man with this knowledge is the man with the edge.

We will discuss, demonstrate, and teach:

  1. The importance of breathing, tension and relaxation of the body in a fight

  2. Stand-up Fighting
    • The real strike, giving and receiving
    • How to use an opponent's energy against them
    • How to use the whole body as a weapon
    • How to control an opponent after they throw the first punch
    • Why blocking a punch is not important, but controlling it is
    • How to hit hard without your opponent seeing it coming
    • Russian figure eight strikes and Russian hitting
    • How the Clinch and Guillotine are not a big deal, standing or on the ground
    • The proper use of knees to control your opponent
    • How to take down an opponent with no effort
    • Ballistic Striking

  3. Ground Transition
    • Defense against grabs, holds and other take-downs
    • How to weaken your opponent's body

  4. Ground Work
    • From turtle, back, guard, side and full mount
    • How to strike, and use knees and feet from the ground
    • How to get out of arm locks, bars, and choke holds including the triangle choke

  5. Striking from any position