What Russian Martial Art is and is Not

Russian Martial Art is a hand-to-hand fighting system designed to teach you how to physically and psychologically control an attacker or multiple attackers.  It is based on the biomechanics of the body and the core concepts of breathing, relaxation, movement, and proper posture. 

What do we mean when we say that it is based on the biomechanics of the body?  What that means is that the Russian Martial Art teaches how the body works.  Once you understand how the body works then you will learn how to use that knowledge in a fight in order to use an opponent’s body against them.  For instance, in Russian Martial Art you will learn how to break someone’s structure.  Once their structure is broken they become much easier for you to control.  One of the best examples of breaking structure is to turn the head of your opponent.  Once their head is turned their entire spine can be out of alignment hence making it easy to control them or take them down.  That is just one of the multitude of ways you can learn how to work on the biomechanics of the body during an attack. 

The Russian Martial Art is unique compared to most other martial arts in that its foundations are based on breathing, movement, relaxation, and proper posture.  Unlike other martial arts, the Russian Martial Art emphasizes these foundations and NOT THE USE OF MUSCLE. 
The Russian Martial Art will teach you how to survive an attack using your body and mind regardless of your size or strength.  It is not always the bigger, stronger person that will win. Large size and lots of muscles can actually be a detriment when challenged by someone who knows how to THINK.  Russian Martial Art can teach you how the human body works and reacts.  That knowledge is a major determining factor as to who will survive. 

What you will not find in Russian Martial Art:
There are no katas, stances or predetermined techniques.  The movements in Russian Martial Art are based on free, natural movement.  Russian Martial Art works on teaching the body to move in the way it naturally or instinctually wants to move.  One of the problems with learning predetermined movements is that there is no way to learn a movement for every possible scenario.  Another problem is that when fear kicks in people tend to forget predetermined movements and techniques.  The Russian Martial Art eliminates this problem by working with how the body naturally wants to react. 

Another element missing in Russian Martial Art is the wearing of a uniform.  The Russian Martial Art is designed to be used anywhere and at any time, therefore it is important to learn to fight in everyday street clothes.  You will also learn how to use your clothing or the clothing of an attacker as a weapon. 

There are no belts, levels, or competitions in the Russian Martial Art.  It is not a sport and is not treated as such.  It is a fighting system designed for survival, not show. 

The Russian Martial Art very seldom uses pads or practices punches and kicks in the air.  You will work with another person so that you learn how your body and the body of your opponent works and reacts.  This is hands-on training, not endless repetitions of punches and kicks into nothing but air.  You will not be able to learn how to react to a punch or deliver a punch correctly unless you work with a real person.

DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED THOUGH.  The Russian Martial Art is practiced slow and controlled.  You work at the pace you and your partner are comfortable with.  Just because we do not use pads does not mean you are going to leave battered or bruised.  What you will know though is what it feels like to work against a real person.  Would you rather learn this in a controlled setting or during an actual attack?