Self Protection Workshop

The Self- Protection workshop is designed for:   Anyone who would like to have an edge when it comes to his or her personal safety or the safety of their loved ones.  The American Russian Martial Art Institute is offering classes at the Alliance location.

The class is designed to give you some hands-on experience in how to defend against:
holds and grabs; punches and kicks; sticks, knives and other weapons; ground attacks; attacks in confined spaces such as stairwells, steps, elevators, and office spaces; attacks in and out of your car.

This is not a martial arts class.  It is a class designed for ordinary people who want to learn how to handle real-life situations.   The lessons taught are designed around real-life scenarios such as:  what to do if someone grabs you from behind, how to break free if an attacker chokes you, how to get an attacker off of you if they get you pinned to the ground or against a wall, and much more.  

The techniques taught use body movement, not strength or force.  Anyone who has the desire to learn how to better protect themselves is welcome.  There are no requirements based on size, age, or physical condition.  You will learn techniques you can use based on your own personal abilities.  The class is taught in a relaxed, friendly environment and allows you the freedom to choose what you feel comfortable doing.  Classes do have a structured agenda but also allow for questions on how to handle individual situations.  If you have a question about a specific situation, feel free to ask.                                                                           

Please text the instructor to set up a start time. Classes are currently Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:00pm at the Alliance location, 851 West State Street Suite C Alliance OH 44601